Safety First, Last, Always!

Whichever configuration you choose, please make sure your equipment is secure and stable. If you apply pressure to the top in any location is should not tip, rock or slide.

Where you are placing absorption feet under heavy pieced of equipment make sure you have relevant help and or lifting equipment to aid the placement of absorption feet safely. Please consult your manufacturers documentation about lifting and transporting equipment.

Always be sure to be on level ground and your equipment shelf or stand is level when loading or unloading your equipment. It greatly reduces the risk of rollovers or sliding. If you are moving equipment, make sure people are clear and use a spotter to guide you.

Always be sure your component rack or shelf is rated correctly for the weight of your component. 


Vibration absorption feet should be in direct contact with the equipment chassis.

Do not place the absorption feet under existing feet or spikes.

Start by placing the feet approximately 5 cm in from the corners where they can be placed in direct contact with the chassis.

Make sure there are no screw heads or nuts obstructing the feet.

Where counter sunk screws are flat with the chassis and do not protrude from the chassis the absorption feet can be placed below them.

Sticky paper or plastic labels between the absorption feet and chassis will impair performance so avoid these or remove them and any adhesive left behind.

Make sure your component is resting evenly on all feet. Heavy cables may lift your equipment slightly which will impair their performance. Make sure these cables are supported properly.


As every piece of equipment is different, a little trial and error will be required to find the best placement of our vibration absorption feet. Generally depending on the size of the component between 2 and 6 feet will be required.

Tests have shown that tungsten will effect the electronics in positive ways, good places to consider are beneath:

  • Transformers;
  • CD transports;
  • AC inlet;
  • Analogue or digital in / outputs;
  • D to A converters;
  • Computer processors, CPUs;
  • USB or Ethernet cards / chips.

On any particular setup you may discover additional absorption feet works very well under a CD Transport or power supply for example. With larger pieces of equipment you have the advantage of being able to place more feet under critical electronic components.

Note: Our feet do not need stands, they can be placed directly on the the floor under heavy amplifiers.

Legal Liabilities

We do not take responsibility for equipment damage or injury. Equipment must be stable and supported properly. If you are unsure please contact your dealer who will be able to give you advice.