Isolation feet, pods or stands sit under your speakers or HiFi component with the aim of reducing or dissipating vibration.

Vibration comes from everywhere, even our planet resonates at 7.83 Hz. The phenonium is know as Schumann Resonance. One of the more obvious sources of vibration is directly from speakers. The vibration from speakers has a cross over effect, sound reflect back into the speaker cabinets causes a feed back loop and distortion

When you turn a sound system up, you can physically feel the bass from your HiFi. This not only affects speakers but the case of equipment as well.

Good isolation products contribute to a good sound from your HiFi improving clarity, definition and sound stage.


How do Isolation Feet Work

  1. Firstly Isolation devices block vibration from the ground up.
  2. Stabalise and support a cabinet or case. A lot of cases are made from thin aluminium or steel a foot with a large surface area will help to stiffen the cabinets structure and reduce vibration.
  3. Stop the transmission of vibration. The material a foot is made of is crucial in preventing vibration moving between surfaces. Different material may alter the frequency of the vibration instead of absorbing it.
  4. Absorb vibration. If there is nothing to absorb vibration is will travel through an object.

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