Tungsten The Natural Vibration Absorber

Tungsten is a rare and dense metal that has long been used to remove vibrations in a wide variety of applications from the handles of rivet guns to aircraft wings.

It is also non-magnetic in nature which mean it won’t interfere with your sensitive electonics.

This made tungsten a natural choice for our range of vibration isolarion feet. It is however, an expensive material to purchase and its density complicates machining, further increasing costs.

We trialed a number of tungsten alloys before finding the one that produced the most pleasing acoustic results.

Premium products, deserve premium materials, for premium results.

Particle Dampening

Whilst the use of tungsten in our range of products was evolutionary, our use of tungsten powder in the central chamber is revolutionary within the audio industry.

Leveraging a principle known as particle dampening, our choice of tungsten powder is carefully mixed, calibrated then blind tested.

Wikipedia describes the particle dampening phenomenon as:

The principle behind particle damping is the removal of vibratory energy through losses that occur during impact of granular particles which move freely within the boundaries of a cavity attached to a primary system.

In practice, particle dampers are highly nonlinear dampers. Energy dissipation or damping is derived from a combination of loss mechanisms, including friction and momentum exchange.

Frequencies Matter

Our patented design leverages a phenomenon called particle dampening. Unlike other approaches it’s effective over a broad range of frequencies transferring vibration energy into heat through friction and collision between particles.

The central stainless steel chamber is filled with a carefully calibrated grade of tungsten powder, selected for the best performance and a wide variety of music tastes.

Heat Matters

The effects of particle dampening increases as your Tungsten Grooves vibration isolation feet warm up, typically 5 to 10 minutes. Tungsten itself becomes a better conductor of vibration and the powder in the central chamber expands then finds its natural level.


Isolated Layers

We go to great lengths to absorb and decouple the transmission of vibration between layers.

This is why we avoid directly coupling with the bottom tungsten plate and the central chamber, instead choosing to isolate it with seven high grade silicon bearings. Even the bolt holding it all together is chosen for it material and isolated further with a high grade composite washer.

Our platforms are beautifully crafted and hand finished to perfection. When you hold one in your hand you will be surprised by its weight and tactile nature, so much so you wont want to put it down.

Install these today and get a lifetime of listening pleasure.

This will be the one upgrade you'll keep for life.